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Mood, Sample & Concept Boards

mood board

Mood Board:
The ideal starting point to provide the inspiration you may need for a colour scheme or styling solution.
After the initial appointment, Robyn can create a beautifully presented collage full of specially selected images, textures and colours that gives an amazingly real feel for where the design is heading.

Sample Board:
Selected images and samples are professionally displayed on a hand-painted A2 Size board.
You can see at a glance the unity of the design, how it all works together.
Specifications are included

Concept Board:
After Robyn has presented her ideas, it may help you to visualise the end result by investing in a concept board. This is a hand-painted A2 size board that shows the selected colour palette, room elevations, images and/or samples. These may include flooring, furniture, wallpaper, lighting, accessories etc. You are literally able to see, touch and feel the design. Specifications are included. N.B - Specifications include a detailed chart outlining the area, product description, size, colour and sample (if available) Please contact Sanctuary Interiors for prices.

mood boards