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Interior Styling
interior styling lounge “An interior is the natural projection of the soul” Coco Chanel

Option 1 - Recommendations Only:
Styling recommendations are given at the time of consultation and any purchases are made by you, at your leisure.
• An hourly rate is charged.
• Payment is required on the day of the consultation.

Option 2 - Styling with Existing Items:
Styling advice is given so that existing furnishings can be “tweaked” in a way that pulls a room together and is cost effective and sustainable. This may involve minor purchases, furniture rearranging, colour advice and recommendations for future styling solutions to be perhaps initiated when budgets allow.
Trade savings are passed on to you where possible.
An hourly rate is charged or flat fee negotiated.

interior styling vaseOption 3 - Concept to Completion:
Styling from a clean slate... for example, this could be your own home, a renovation, an investment property or a holiday home.
Robyn can create an exquisitely unique design and source all furniture, soft furnishings, floor coverings, artwork, wallpaper, lighting, storage solutions and accessories.

Trade savings are passed on to you where possible.
Rates are negotiable.

Robyn’s Approach for Options 2 & 3
Robyn will endeavour to gain as much information as she can over the phone or via email so that she can come prepared for the first appointment and valuable time is not wasted.
She listens carefully to your brief, takes photographs where possible, and returns for a follow up appointment where she will present her ideas and design solutions and brings samples, if required.
If you wish to proceed, rates are negotiated up front and a letter of agreement is signed.

How you can Assist:
In order to create the best possible design you can assist Robyn during the first appointment by providing valuable sources of inspiration as a starting point. This can be in the form of images that resonate with you and your lifestyle, showing her your collections from travels, inherited/ collected personal treasures, photographs and artwork, or anything that you truly love & feel that it reflects you in some way.
Honest and open communication at this appointment is vital. It helps if everyone concerned with the decision making is present or is given a chance to have some input.
Then it’s full steam ahead for Robyn to create the perfect styling solutions, having clear guidelines, and using the time allocated in the most efficient way possible.